February 10, 2016
MANCHESTER, N.H.--Media around the country are projecting that Republican Donald Trump and Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders, running as a Democrat, have won their respective presidential primary contests.
Investigators still have not been able to access the contents of one of the cell phones used by the San Bernardino shooters two months ago, the director of the FBI said Tuesday.
WASHINGTON--President Obama on Tuesday sent his final annual budget proposal to a hostile Republican-led Congress, rejecting the lame-duck label to declare that his plan “is about looking forward,” with new initiatives that include $19 billion for a broad cybersecurity plan.
Last year was not a good time to swim with sharks, according to new data. The big fish attacked humans 98 times worldwide last year, the most since the University of Florida began recording the International Shark Attack File 57 years ago.
CORONA – (INT) – A bomb threat and a man unconscious in a van put a neighborhood on edge Tuesday.
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – The city could be getting a boost in its road to recovery.
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Scientists at UC Riverside will play a vital role at stopping a disease that is taking a heavy toll on the citrus industry.
SAN BERNARDINO - (INT) – Mark Scott took over Monday as City Manager under a 1-year contract.
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – A man convicted of fatally beating his 4-year-old son with a baseball bat is appealing his no-parole prison term.
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – Reported crime in the city surged ahead in 2015 erasing a 3-year decline.
CORONA – (INT) – Motorists who use the 91 freeway through the Circle City are getting advance warning.
SAN BERNARDINO - (INT) – Now that the high school exit exam is no longer required for graduation, seniors who failed are still getting their diplomas.
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) - Reserve Police Officer Richard Dewberry figures he’s put in 38,000 hours since he signed up in 1965.
CORONA - (INT) – City officials say a proposed high voltage power line would bisect their community.
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – Surplus government food is being distributed throughout February. The food is provided without cost.
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – Still to be answered in the December 2nd mass shooting is the wherabouts of the killers during the 3½ hours between the attack and the police chase that ended their lives.
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Governor Brown has some harsh words for the US Supreme Court following its decision to suspend enforcement of the Clean Power Plan.
SOUTHLAND - (INT) - Mother Nature is outdoing herself as Southern Californians celebrate summer in the winter.
SOUTHLAND – (INT) – It may seem like El Nino is playing hide-n-seek. But, climatologists insist the warm-water phenomenon is very much in evidence.
SOUTHLAND – (INT) – An epidemic of deadly hit-run traffic mishaps is spreading.
HOLLYWOOD - At the movies this week, 'Hail, Caesar!' is No. 2 behind 'Kung Fu Panda 3'.
LOS ANGELES - Pat Haden, who has served as USC’s athletic director since 2010, is set to retire in June.
LOS ANGELES - (INT) - Two pioneer entertainers are being remembered for their contributions to comedy and music.
SOUTHLAND – (INT) – Don’t look now, but gasoline prices are nearing the lowest in almost a year.
NAPA VALLEY - (IHT) - The estate of comic actor Robin Williams has been sold after nearly 4-years on the market.
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Gasoline consumption is the latest sign that California’s recession is in the rear view mirror.
(SACRAMENTO - (INT) - Three of California's four usually wettest months are past and the state remains in a drought.
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Californians may be hearing more about the Zika virus and it could get close to home when mosquitoes reappear with warmer weather.
SACRAMENTO – (INT) - The prevalence of guns in California compared to the rest of the nation is not as high as you might expect.
Authorities in Victorville aren’t discussing their case against a young man suspected of murdering an elderly woman. Sheriff’s investigators arrested Terance Scott, 26, after the body of Shirley Stewart, 77, was found Monday in a residence on Begonia Road. (INT)

A South Corona woman has been linked to an active mail and identity theft ring that’s been operating in the Corona and Temescal Valley area. Ashley Rascon, 34, was arrested as she picked up stolen packages at a postal store. There were 97 possible victims. (INT)

Sunny, dry and warm weather is forecast for Friday’s opening of the Riverside County Fair and Date festival. New this year is the ‘Datefest 5K’ race on February 20th. (INT)

Fire of unknown cause ripped through an auto muffler shop in Moreno Valley Saturday. The blaze sent up clouds of black smoke destroying a boat, a utility trailer and the contents of the Advance Muffler Shop. One person suffered minor injuries. Damages were estimated at $500,000. (INT)

Leave your e-waste at the gate and get a free admission to the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival at Indio. That’s the offer for fairgoers on February 17th. (INT)

Caltrans plans nighttime closures of southbound I-15 to the westbound 91 in Corona to enable construction of temporary supports for a bridge that, when built, will serve as the new express lane connector between the 15 and 91. The nightly closures Monday through Saturday will continue until February 12th. (INT)

Caltrans says it’s installing retro-reflective signs along freeways and state highways. They’re illuminated by motorists’ headlights, making them more visible than traditional signs, and don’t require electricity. (INT)

A prisoner about to be locked up at the Southwest Justice Center in French Valley escaped Monday. But, his freedom lasted only 6-minutes. Lawmen swarmed into the area and quickly subdued Jeremiah Paul Ralston, 22, of Menifee after a brief struggle. (INT)

Former Riverside County flood control engineer and general manager Ken Edwards has died. He was 85. During his tenture, the district constructed several hundred miles of open channels and underground storm drains as well as numerous levees, dams and detention basins. Edwards retired in 1995. (INT)

The California Department of Veterans Affairs has withdrawn approval for the Marinello Schools of Beauty which has announced that it will close effective immediately. Marinello has five campuses in the Inland Empire. Beneficiaries may only use GI Bill benefits at institutions approved by the California State Approving Agency for Veteran Education. (INT)

Visitors are urged to leave their trash at home or take it with you, but don’t dump it in the snow-play areas of the San Bernardino Mountains. Litter has been piling up along state highways where people have stopped to romp in some of the best snow in years. Authorities are asking for good clean fun as more snow is likely to attract more people. (INT)


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