May 24, 2018
Earthquake experts urge preparedness
RIVERSIDE – The Easter Sunday earthquake that rumbled through the Imperial Valley was the biggest to strike that part of Southern California since 1892. And, it was a reminder that the ‘Big One’ is still on its way.

Houses collapsed south of Mexicali close to the epicenter. But, that’s not the biggest danger for Californians, according to UC Riverside earthquake expert David Oglesby, “The biggest danger is not so much the collapse of your house. That’s pretty rare. The biggest danger is stuff falling on you in your house.”

Attaching book shelves and wardrobes to the wall is sound advice. As another measure of preparedness, Oglesby suggests “You should have food, flashlights with batteries, medicine and water. You want to be able to survive three days without help.”

Earthquake kits are available. Check your local Red Cross chapter for information. (INT)
Story Date: April 12, 2010
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