July 17, 2018
Emergency funds sought for groundwater cleanup
RIALTO--The city is pulling out the stops in an effort to curtail the perchlorate contamination that?s polluting the groundwater here.

A bottom line has still not been reached in the ongoing litigation that could determine who was responsible for the rocket fuel component in the water.

The 6-mile long plume is spreading across Rialto?s underground drinking water supply at a rate of 20-inches a day.

City officials called on Governor Schwarzenegger Wednesday for emergency funding. Councilman Ed Scott was in San Francisco seeking help from the federal EPA. ?I don?t support calling Rialto a superfund site, but the EPA has the ability to assist us in going after the responsible parties?.

Scott says it?s been 5-years since a regional water quality control board initiated the clean-up process.
Story Date: February 23, 2008
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