October 2, 2023
Twitter or whisper, you decide with new app
RIVERSIDE--Now you have the option to Twitter or whisper.

Twitsper is a new application that allows Twitter users more privacy control.

Professor of computer science and engineering Harsha Madhyastha was among the group of faculty and students at UC Riverside that created the application.

“What Twitsper allows you to do is create groups of people that you want to send messages to, and whenever you post anything you can specify exactly which group should be able to see your message,” he said.

Professor Madhyastha says it resolves the dilemma of accommodating Tweets for both personal and professional purposes. He says the business sector too, can now reach a more specific target group.

Twitsper is available for download at http://Twitsper.cs.ucr.edu for mobile phones with Google’s android operating system.
Story Date: November 29, 2010
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