July 13, 2024
Immigration protests result in 12 arrests
SAN BERNARDINO – Protest rallies Tuesday in front of City Hall and the federal immigration office ended with a dozen arrests.

About fifty marched from City Hall to the immigration office and blocked Rialto Avenue. Police moved in after the demonstrators refused to disperse and arrested five.

A similar protest back at City Hall blocked the intersection of Third and ‘D’ streets. Seven more were taken into custody. Most listed addresses in Los Angeles County.

The incidents lasted for about an hour as the demonstrators protested US immigration and enforcement policies. (INT)

# Name Given Sex Age City of Residence Location of Arrest
1 Ramon Valdivia M 19 Boyle Heights 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
2 Alma DeJesus F 28 Los Angeles 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
3 Nelly Gutierrez F 19 Wilmington 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
4 *Juvenile* M 17 Boyle Heights 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
5 *Juvenile* F 17 Pomona 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
6 Anayely Saguilan F 20 Pasadena 3rd St / ‘D’ St
7 Maria Rodriguez F 18 Claremont 3rd St / ‘D’ St
8 Claudia Hernandez F 24 Paramount 3rd St / ‘D’ St
9 Alex Aldana M 25 Boyle Heights 3rd St / ‘D’ St
10 Victor Pena M 20 Alhambra 3rd St / ‘D’ St
11 Isabel Perez F 23 San Bernardino 3rd St / ‘D’ St
12 Mariam Vasquez F 21 Los Angeles 3rd St / ‘D’ St

Story Date: January 26, 2012
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