May 24, 2018
Inland, coastal counties split on presidential favorites
SAN FRANCISCO – (INT) – Likely California voters steadfastly favor the Obama-Biden ticket in Tuesday’s election.

The final pre-election California Field Poll issued Saturday found Obama holding a 54%-39% lead over Mitt Romney. That’s roughly equivalent to the average lead Obama has held over Romney since last year.

The Poll finds the state's white-non Hispanic voters are evenly dividing their preferences. This means the President's entire fifteen-point advantage in California is derived from the voting preferences of this state's large and growing ethnic population.

A large majority of voters in Los Angeles County and the Bay Area prefer Obama/Biden. By contrast, voters living in the inland counties prefer the Romney/Ryan ticket by a narrow margin.

Except for voters age 65 or older who are about evenly split, Californians in all other age categories
are supporting the Democratic ticket by double-digit margins.
Story Date: November 6, 2012
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