September 25, 2020
Kim Wilcox named UC Riverside Chancellor at $354,000
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Kim Wilcox takes over August 19th as the 9th Chancellor at UC Riverside after his appointment by the Board of Regents Thursday.

His compensation of $354,000 was opposed by Governor Jerry Brown, who doubles as a Regent.

“Nothing personal with the candidate. I would note that in addition to the 8.9% raise from what Tim White got, there are other sweetners where he gets a sabbatical after 5-years at full salary. My math tells me that’s another $70,000 a year.”

Wilcox is looking ahead.

“We’re going to improve the quality of the university and improve graduation rates. We’re going to build on our tradition of innovation in students and we’re going to build on our tradition of research.”

Wilcox is a first-generation college graduate. He comes from Michigan State University where he was provost.
Story Date: August 11, 2013
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