March 31, 2020
Groundwater levels plummet; Emergency water assistance announced
SAN BERNARDINO - (INT) - Groundwater levels in the Bunker Hill Basin are now at their lowest levels in recorded history, even lower than the previous low point in 1964, which took place at the end of the 20-year drought.

Bob Tincher, manager of water resources for San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, SBVMWD, said, “This isn’t just an issue for San Bernardino, but many other cities depend up this basin for much of their water supply, including Redlands, Highland, Loma Linda, Rialto, Colton and Riverside.”

Roughly 700,000 businesses and residents depend on the underground aquafers for their water, said Tincher.
Two regional agencies that import water from Northern California and the Colorado River to supplement local groundwater supplies – SBVMWD and Western Municipal Water District in Riverside – are now facing the unprecedented challenge of low groundwater levels.

Also, major cutbacks in State Water Project water deliveries from the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta and the Colorado River limit their ability to recharge local groundwater basins.

On a related note, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that his agency is providing $9.7 million in emergency water assistance to 73,000 residents in 11 California counties experiencing the driest year on record.
Story Date: July 25, 2014
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