July 13, 2024
Metrolink awarded $41 million to buy cleanest locomotives
LOS ANGELES - (INT) - The California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) announced the allocation of $41 million to the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink) to help fund up to nine low-emission Tier 4 locomotives.

"With this funding, Metrolink will be able to improve and expand our service throughout Southern California," said Chair of the Metrolink Board of Directors Shawn Nelson, who is also an Orange County supervisor. "I appreciate the partnership Metrolink has with our state and regulatory agencies to improve air quality. Today, Metrolink removes more than 18,000 cars from freeways. With these advanced locomotives, we hope to continue to relieve traffic congestion."

Tier 4 locomotives are expected to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 85 percent compared to current Tier 0 locomotive engines.

Metrolink is the first commuter rail system in the country to procure the new Tier 4 locomotives. Fuel efficiencies, which reduce carbon dioxide equivalents, also referred to as greenhouse gas emissions, are expected to be realized.

Higher-powered engines are another feature of the procurement. The new engines will have 31 to 57 percent more horsepower, allowing for greater flexibility and capacity.

The total project cost for the nine Tier 4 locomotives is $58.05 million.

The locomotives are scheduled to be in revenue service by the end of 2017.
Story Date: July 3, 2015
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