May 22, 2018
Freeway 15 storm repairs extended
CAJON PASS (INT) Caltrans says it will be mid-April before repairs are complete on a section of Interstate 15 in Cajon Pass that collapsed during a fierce rainstorm last month taking a fire truck with it.

It's costing $3 million to repair the #5 outside lane and shoulder just south of Route 138.

Re-striping the remaining southbound lanes has opened up four narrower lanes of traffic through the repair zone.

Cajon Creek that runs along the southbound side of the Interstate 15 overflowed February 17th washing away a rock slope below the roadbed. Torrents of roaring water eroded the slope causing the shoulder and the outside lane to collapse.

Dramatic video showed the collapse and the unoccupied fire truck plunging into the abyss. The fire crew that had stopped to assess the situation was unhurt.

Repairs on the 200 foot section is being made permanent with concrete rather than with temporary asphalt.

'Riprap', or loose stone, will bolster a foundation for breakwater, on the lower embankment. The 'riprap' is being replaced with 6-ton boulders instead of the original 3-ton boulders to provide more protection in the event of future flooding.

Story Date: March 30, 2017
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