May 25, 2018
‘Dashboard’ measures progress of local schools
SACRAMENTO – (INT) - California is rolling out its new accountability measurement for schools and school districts.

The system, called the California School Dashboard, provides multiple measurements in key areas to provide a better understanding of how local schools and districts are progressing.

The statewide indicators included in the ‘Dashboard’ are academic progress on state tests in math and English language arts for grades 3-8 and 11, as well as data on English learner progress, suspension rates and graduation rates. The California School Dashboard provides data in key areas, that include both statewide measurements and those made with local indicators. Key advantages of the new system are it defines school progress by more than a single test score.

“The California School Dashboard provides parents and our communities a better understanding of how to view the progress made in our schools and districts,” San Bernardino County Superintendent Ted Alejandre said. “It is a much more comprehensive and transparent picture of school performance and growth than the former Academic Performance Index (API), which provided one number to gauge progress.”
Story Date: March 23, 2017
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