June 23, 2018
Accused random shooter pleads 'not guilty'
VICTORVILLE – (INT) – A Redlands man is denying that he’s the gunman who went on a shooting spree that ranged from the San Bernardino Valley to the High Desert.

Kenneth Scott Welch pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday to a man’s murder in Highland, the attempted murder of a sheriff’s deputy and a pair of freeway shootings in Rialto.

Welch, 37, of Redlands, has also been charged in the robbery of a gas station clerk prior to shooting the deputy.

If convicted as charged, Welch faces a no-parole prison term or the possibility of a death sentence.

Welch is suspected of being the shooter who fired at two vehicles on the Route 210 freeway in Rialto last week injuring two people and later following Mario Anthony Figueroa to Highland where he was gunned down in front of an apartment complex.

Welch was finally captured at his home in Redlands several hours after robbing a gas station in Hesperia. A sheriff's deputy was slightly injured when he confronted Welch and the two exchanged gunfire outside the gas station.
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