April 25, 2018
High-value drones arrive at March Air Reserve Base, more coming
RIVERSIDE - (INT) - March Air Reserve Base (MARB) is taking on additional responsibility with the addition of MQ-9 'Reaper' drones.

The remotely piloted aircraft have been shifted to MARB from the Southern California Logistics Airport at Victorville where they been located the past 9-years.

The drones have been flying training missions by the California Air National Guard's 163rd Attack Wing in domestic search and rescue operations.

The MQ-9's military applications include use in reconnaissance and in combat aimed at specific targets. A statement from the Air National Guard indicated the 'Reaper' is equipped with wide-range sensors, multi-mode communications and precision weapons.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday marked the official arrival of the MQ-9 at MARB.

On a related note,the House Appropriations Committee approved funding for a new Remote Piloted Aircraft Flight Training Unit facility at March Air Reserve Base.
Story Date: June 27, 2017
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