May 24, 2018
Officer-involved killing ruled justifiable
SAN BERNARDINO - (INT) – For the 14th time this year, local prosecutors have cleared law enforcement officers of any criminal wrong-doing in an officer-involved shooting.

In the latest decision, the District Attorney’s office said Thursday that San Bernardino Police Officer Dominick Martinez was legally justified in killing a knife-wielding man at the climax to a domestic dispute.

It was determined that Roy Manuel Carreon had amphetamines, cannabinoids, and phencyclidine (PCP) in his system when he was confronted by Officer Martinez in the doorway of a home on North Tia Juana Street on December 12, 2015. Children were heard screaming inside the house.

Carreon was armed with a knife and at one point urged the officer to shoot him. Carreon died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The DA’s decision to uphold the officer’s actions was based on a review of all the investigative reports, photographs, and audio recordings submitted by the San Bernardino Police Department.
Story Date: June 19, 2017
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