May 24, 2018
Children’s health and economic well-being differ
OAKLAND – (INT) - California has been ranked 37th in latest national rankings for child well-being.

In its annual rankings, Children Now placed California highest in children’s health and lowest on economic well-being.

“Thanks in large part to Medi-Cal, only 3 percent of California’s children are uninsured. We are proud of the significant progress that California has made to support children’s health,” Children Now President Ted Lempert said.

Despite the progress in children’s health, California families continue to face significant economic pressures. The state fell near the bottom in economic well-being and family and community domains with more than 1.9 million California kids — one in four children — living in poverty. Additionally, 17 percent of the state’s children live in high--poverty areas.

“It’s disappointing that in a state known for innovation, with tremendous financial and intellectual resources, California is not doing better by our kids,” Lempert said.

Story Date: June 20, 2017
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