June 17, 2018
Student pilot recalls final moments of ill-fated flight
BANNING – (INT) – A preliminary report just issued shows that an 87-year-old certified flight instructor had taken control of a small plane just before it crashed after a touch-and-go landing at the Banning Airport on June 2nd.

A student pilot interviewed by the National Transportation Safety Board recalled that easterly winds had been gusting before Stanley Cleveck of Highland took over piloting the Cessna 150M. The student remembered the plane impacting the trees along Interstate 10. A witness said the plane’s wings appeared to ‘wobble’ before it went down.

Automated weather data showed the winds had been gusting to 23 knots.

The instructor and his student were bound from Redlands to Palm Springs with the ill-fated touch-and-go landing at Banning.
Story Date: June 20, 2017
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