May 24, 2018
US fighter jet downs Syrian warplane
DAMASCUS - A U.S. fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane Sunday after it reportedly bombed U.S.-backed fighters battling Islamic State.

The Pentagon said Sunday a Syrian SU-22 dropped bombs on coalition-partnered fighters near the town of Tabqah.

A U.S. Super Hornet immediately responded and shot down the Syrian plane. There is no word on the pilotís fate or any other casualties.

Earlier, Syrian forces attacked coalition fighters in Ja'Din, wounding a number of fighters and driving them from the town. Coalition aircraft stopped the pro-regime forces from advancing on Ja'Din.

The coalition contacted Russian commanders to set up a "de-confliction line" to prevent the fighting from worsening.

The Pentagon says its actions Sunday were within the rules of engagement and collective self-defense of coalition forces.

The Pentagon says the coalition's mission in Syria and Iraq is to defeat Islamic State. (Source: voanews)
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