May 22, 2018
Survey profiles California drivers
News media accounts of road rage incidents paint a negative view of California drivers. But, there is a more positive side.

A new survey says that California drivers are among the most courteous in the nation. The survey was conducted as part of a summer awareness campaign from Kars4Kids to promote better driving habits. California was rated the 17th most polite state in the country with an overall grade of B. But, when it comes to parking, Californians need to be careful. They openly admit to stealing people’s parking spaces, and were the 10th worst state in the country in that regard.

We asked drivers in 50 states questions like “How often do you signal”, “Would you let someone merge in front of you”, and graded each state’s response. You can see the full survey results here.

The campaign is called Drive Human, with the goal of reminding drivers that they share the road with other people not faceless cars. (INT)
Story Date: August 3, 2017
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