July 17, 2018
Condolences for a desert saguaro
JOSHUA TREE – (INT) – There’s been an outpouring of condolences for the loss of a cherished saguaro cactus.

One of Mojave Desert Land Trust’s (MDLT) iconic saguaros has collapsed and died. The cactus has stood in front of the MDLT’s building since before the organization owned it.

As a non-native plant to the Mojave, it never was an ideal spot for the saguaro to thrive, especially in concrete planters.

Nevertheless, Madena Asbell said her team tended to it until its final days. “Ultimately, the environmental stresses were too much. This tragic loss will be turned into an opportunity to plant something equally iconic, and appropriate to our region: a Joshua tree,” she said.
Story Date: July 21, 2017
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