June 23, 2018
Girl’s unintended killing may spark discussion on crime tax
VICTORVILLE – (INT) – The shotgun slaying of a 12-year-old girl inside her mother’s home at Victorville has heightened concern about the soaring crime rate in the Victor Valley.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon recently reported that violent crime is up 20 percent in the High Desert during the first half of this year.

County Supervisor Robert Lovingwood noted that the country used to send over 400 inmates to state prison every month. Now, because of California’s criminal justice “reforms,” the imprisoned has dropped to less than 100. County jails used to house inmates for a year or less. Now inmates who previously would have been in state prison are spending 10 or 15 years in county jails.

Lovingwood says the situation demands discussion on a countywide ballot measure for a sales tax dedicated strictly to public safety.

“I do not believe in tax increases. In my view, we already pay enough in taxes. But until we get more right-minded legislators in Sacramento, we need a self-help solution to solve the crime problem,” Lovingwood said.

Lovingwood figured that would generate an estimated $81 million a year and directly translate into more sheriff’s deputies, more prosecutors and funds to add 1,300 beds in the new jail to put more criminals behind bars.
Story Date: August 24, 2017
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