July 19, 2018
Jobs key to getting black women back on track
RIVERSIDE — (INT) - Los Angeles incarcerates more people than any other city in the world, at a fiscal cost of more than $75,000 per person annually.

A UC Riverside sociologist says incarceration also has high social costs that disproportionately burden black communities in areas like South Los Angeles.

“Considering population numbers, black women are overrepresented in the American prison system,” said Susila Gurusami, who spent 18 months at a South LA reentry home for formerly incarcerated, primarily black women. Nationally, black women are imprisoned at nearly double the rate of white women.

Gurusami’s findings, published in the journal Gender & Society, highlight the challenges confronted by black women after they leave prison, which include navigating post-release employment requirements.

Women who fail to secure post-release employment face violating the terms of their parole, which can lead to reincarceration.

About 9,000 people are incarcerated every day in the United States for violating parole or probation employment mandates; 70 percent of them are black.
Story Date: September 14, 2017
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