August 19, 2018
Train-pedestrian fatalities soar
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Safety messages aren’t getting through to pedestrians as more are losing their lives to trains that cross-cross the Inland Empire.

Authorities admit they are frustrated as more people are killed by accident or on purpose.

In the latest mishap Friday, a freight train struck a man who was walking on the BNSF tracks near Madison Street in the Casa Blanca area. The train’s conductor reported the midday incident. Firefighters found the victim’s body under the train.

On Tuesday, a photographer taking pictures of railroad cars was struck and killed by a passing train near Victorville. Teddy Domingo, 57, of Honolulu HI, was standing on the BNSF mainline when he was hit. The incident occurred off National Trails Highway near Riverside Preparatory School in Oro Grande.

In Highgrove, another pedestrian was struck by a freight train September 28th near the Center Street grade crossing.

So far this year, at least fourteen pedestrians have perished on Inland Empire train tracks including nine in the past 3-months.
Story Date: October 13, 2017
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