August 19, 2018
WaterFix hailed as a boon to Southland’s water reliability
LOS ANGELES – (INT) – It’s being called the biggest water decision in a generation for Southern Californians.

The Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) Board of Directors voted Tuesday to support a state-federal project to modernize the state water system and help improve supply reliability for the Southland.

The MWD will finance 26 percent of the $17 billion project.

California WaterFix would modernize the decades-old delivery system by building three new intakes in the northern Delta along with two tunnels to carry water to the existing aqueduct system in the southern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

About 30 percent of the water that flows out of taps in Southern California comes from Northern California via the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Delta's delivery system, however, is badly outdated, a problem compounded both by a declining ecosystem that is harmful to fish and a 1,100-mile levee system that is increasingly vulnerable to earthquakes, flooding, saltwater intrusion, climate change and environmental degradation.

“We simply must modernize and improve the reliability of our imported supplies as well as meet the needs of growth by developing more local supplies and extending conservation,” MWD Board Chairman Randy Record of Hemet said.
Story Date: October 17, 2017
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