October 17, 2018
San Andreas Fault sending out gentle reminders
GONZALES – (INT) – Aftershocks continue to jiggle a segment of the San Andreas Fault near this Central California community.

The strongest in a series of aftershocks late Tuesday hit M3.8 and was felt in a more limited area than Monday’s stronger jolt of M4.6. Most reports in response to Tuesday’s aftershocks came from Salinas.

Monday’s initial quake that jostled the Central California Coast was felt as far away as the Bay Area. The epicenter appears to be close to an area where the Calaveras Fault branches off from the San Andreas. The quake happened at a depth of about 4 miles and caused no damage.

There was no indication that the tremor was a harbinger of a bigger earthquake. (INT)
Story Date: November 18, 2017
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