November 14, 2018
Former assemblyman Steve Clute denies assisted suicide charge
INDIO – (INT) – Former state assemblyman Steve Clute is denying charges of aiding or abetting the suicide of his popular and well-respected wife, Pam.

Clute was arraigned Wednesday on a criminal complaint filed in Riverside County Superior Court at Indio November 30th. He was ordered to return January 26th to see if he would consider working with prosecutors to settle the criminal cimplaint,

Mrs. Clute, 66, was a professor at UC Riverside and a proponent of STEM education. She died last year of what her death certificate stated was a gunshot wound.

Steve Clute is accused of providing the gun that his wife used to kill herself. He is being represented by high profile Riverside attorney Virginia Blumenthal.

Medically assisted suicide is legal in California under strict parameters. But, suicide by firearm is not permitted.

In its August 2016 announcement about Mrs. Clute’s passing, the university said Mrs. Clute held three degrees from UCR, was a passionate teacher and pioneer of STEM education, and longtime director of the UCR ALPHA center, among her many other accomplishments.

She retired from UCR in 2015 after 40 years of service, but continued her long-time work with educators in Southern California to help further prepare students for college.
Story Date: December 11, 2017
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