February 20, 2019
Hot air balloonists warned about low-level flights
YUCAIPA – (INT) – Low-flying hot air balloons are getting more attention not only from anxious residents, but now law enforcement authorities.

Two balloons were seen Tuesday floating above a golf course and coming to within 5-feet of rooftops and trees in Chapman Heights.

Sheriff’s deputies responded, got the attention of both pilots and ordered them to land immediately. One safely came down in a high school baseball field and the other in an orange grove in nearby Mentone.

Both pilots were flying their privately-owned balloons for personal use. They were reported to the FAA which will determine if there were any violations.

No homes were damaged and no one was injured. It wasn’t immediately known from where the balloons took off or the pilots’ intended destinations.

Tuesday’s incident followed another in December in which a hot air balloon came down on a residential street in Moreno Valley.
Story Date: February 13, 2018
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