January 23, 2019
Dry winter, fires boosted ‘no burn’ days
SOUTHLAND - (INT) – An unusual lack of rain the past 4-months has contributed to poorer air quality. It resulted in the Air Quality Management District declaring the most ‘no burn’ days in six years.

For thirty-three days since November 1st, the AQMD has asked that residents in a 4-county coastal and valley region refrain from burning wood in their fire places and not use backyard fire pits.

By comparison, there were only eight ‘no burn’ days last winter and only five during the 2012-13 winter. Wet winters tend to cleanse the air.

This winter was especially noteworthy for foul air because of smoke generated by the 29 wildfires across Southern California in December. Six were very large fires, including the Thomas Fire which became the largest in modern California history. The smoke added more particulate matter to the air and resulted in unhealthful air quality across the Los Angeles Air Basin.
Story Date: March 28, 2018
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