January 24, 2019
Study: Recent drought was historic
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – A new study reveals a lot about California’s drought history.

Results of the tree-ring study found that the recent drought of 2012-16 was the worst or second-worst 5-year drought since the 1400’s. The study also confirmed that short-term droughts of 2-to-3 years are common in Southern California.

“The results of this study further confirm what we’ve long believed and said,” said Department of Water Resources (DWR) Director Karla Nemeth. “The norm for California’s climate is to move back and forth frequently between wet and dry conditions.”

The tree-ring study provides local water managers a centuries-long record of precipitation and streamflow in Southern California’s primary local water resources, and the Colorado River.

The recreated long-term record, which predates the period of recorded data, will help water managers better assess the future risk of dry conditions in their service areas and manage their water supplies in coming years, the DWR said.
Story Date: April 7, 2018
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