February 21, 2019
Was the Bearded Dragon a stowaway?
VALLE VISTA – (INT) - Animal control officers are trying to figure how a fearsom-looking lizard known as a Bearded Dragon wound up in a delivery from Walmart.com.

Al and Chris Brummett were opening a box containing a bicycle for their granddaughter when they came face-to-face with the spiny critter.

“At first I freaked out because he was so big,” Brummett said.

A call brought an animal control officer Carra Mathewson who said the call was one of the strangest of her career. “Somehow that bearded dragon ended up in that box and who knows how long it had been in there. It’s a wacky tale for sure.”

The critter needed some nourishment and was given some canned peaches. Bearded dragons like small insects, such as crickets, but also enjoy a steady diet of fruits and vegetables.

The bicycle was made in China. Speculation is that the lizard survived a sea voyage inside the cardboard box within a metal container and eventually wound up in Valle Vista.
Story Date: June 13, 2018
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