February 21, 2019
Post Singapore: What’s next? Allies react
SINGAPORE - President Donald Trump spoke with Voice of America contributor Greta Van Susteren after his summit talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about what the two discussed and what to expect next.

Van Susteren: So you put the human rights issue on the table today and he reacted how?

Trump: “Very well. I mean, we obviously were talking about the denuclearization 90 percent of the time, but we put a lot of other things, including human rights were mentioned, getting the remains back were a big factor, in fact we put it in the document, we were able to get that in the document, we got a lot of good things in that document, that was far beyond what anyone thought was going to happen.”

Van Susteren: Give me some behind the scenes, did you issue an ultimatum to him, did he issue an ultimatum to you? What was the back and forth?

Trump: “No, not an ultimatum. We’ve been dealing for three months really and we’ve been dealing through our various representatives including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who’s done a really fantastic job. So we’ve been dealing for a pretty good period of time and when we met today, we got along right from the beginning. You know for me this is hour number 25. I haven’t been sleeping for 25 hours, it’s been a big long negotiation and I'm very proud of it. It starts a process. You know that could have ended in a war, that could have ended with many millions of people — you know North Korea very well, Seoul has 28 million people, that could have ended up with millions of people dead but we’re gonna end up with a deal.”

Van Susteren: What about our troops? Are they staying in South Korea?

Trump: “Yeah they are going to stay. We didn’t even discuss that, that wasn’t discussed. We are going to get out of the war games that cost so much money. You know where we — cause I think number one, it’s very provocative, and I want to do it, and I think they’re very happy about it because it is so provocative. But it cost a fortune to do it. And we won’t do that as long as we are negotiating in good faith.”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in says his country will take a new path forward by building on the summit agreement.

Moon said the agreement marks only a beginning, and that his country will never give up even though there may be difficulties.

He said South Korea will work with the US, the North and the international community to ensure that the agreement can be implemented entirely.

China welcomed and expressed support for Tuesday's historic summit between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea.

Speaking to reporters in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said while confrontation and hostility between the two sides have continued for more than half a century, by sitting down for talks, the two leaders have started a new chapter in history.

Wang added that China hopes the two countries' leaders will build trust and remove obstacles to reach a basic consensus on achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and establishing a peace mechanism.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he highly appreciates that Trump raised the issue of North Korea's abductions of Japanese citizens in the summit talks.

He added he wants to speak with Trump by phone to hear the details of the abductions issue.

Abe also said that Japan and the United States will work with the rest of the international community to resolve North Korean issues.
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