February 21, 2019
DA voices warning about online drugs
RIVERSIDE (INT) District Attorney Mike Hestrin is warning consumers about buying pharmaceuticals online, or from stores and homes that are not licensed pharmacies.

Illicit or misbranded pharmaceuticals carry potential dangers which can include: missing key ingredients, having the wrong active ingredients, being the wrong strength and dosage, may include contaminants, improper labeling and unsafe methods used to make them, Hestrin said Tuesday.

DA investigators recently raided five locations two businesses in Corona, one business in Moreno Valley, and a business and a residence in the city of Riverside. Approximately 9,700 dosages of various drugs were seized. The DAs Office has filed criminal cases against seven people involved in those illicit operations.

Its not known if anyone has been harmed from using any of the illicit pharmaceuticals that were sold at any of the locations.

Hestrin said illicit pharmaceuticals are often illegally imported from Mexico with many sellers targeting consumers in the Spanish-speaking community. Those drugs are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for sale or use.
Story Date: June 14, 2018
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