June 25, 2019
Record warm ocean water creating weather of its own
SAN DIEGO – (INT) – Another phenomenon has appeared underscoring Southern California’s scorching summer and lending to the validity of climate change.

Beachgoers are finding water temperatures the warmest they can remember. In fact, on August 1st, researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography logged the warmest sea-surface temperature at their pier since records began in 1916.

The record of 78.6℉ followed a string of days in which individual daily records of sea-surface and seafloor temperatures had been set at the pier. It surpassed the previous record of 78.4°F set in 1931 during an unusually warm period that year.

Scripps researchers have taken sea-surface temperature and salinity readings at the pier since 1916. In 1925, they began taking seafloor water temperature measurements as well.

The Eastern Pacific ocean off Southern California has been experiencing anomalously warm temperatures for the past week and other observational networks farther off the coast have reported record or near-record temperatures as well.

Researchers said that the record warmth is consistent with similar records for high temperatures set on land as well as a torrent of extreme weather this year. This is how global warming will play out, said Scripps scientists: Records related to heat and intense weather will become easier to break having been given a boost from anthropogenic climate change that has added about 1℃ to ocean temperatures over the past century.

Maximum surface temperatures are generally reached in August each year, so new records may be set if warm coastal ocean conditions persist or intensify over the next few weeks.

The warm ocean water is creating weather of its own.
Dewpoint temperatures of 67 to 72F on the coast is muggy. This is comparable to Gulf of Mexico. When the coast cools and these values can not lower (because of the 70s water) brings higher humidity. Humidity depends on air temperature but dewpoint temperature does not. It is a direct measure of mugginess.
Story Date: August 28, 2018
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