April 19, 2019
Seismologists: Earthquake 'swarm' has no immediate implications
AGUANGA – (INT) – Seismologists are offering reassurances that an ongoing earthquake swarm beneath a rural area of Riverside County has no immediate hazards implications.

The current outbreak began August 15th with an M4.4 near Aguanga. An M3.2 aftershock early Friday was followed by 23 tiny mini-quakes in two hours.

All have been centered about 5 miles northeast of this tiny community near the Riverside-San Diego County line.

In their most recent statement, seismologists at the US Geological Survey wrote that “This is a fascinating sequence from a scientific point of view but it has almost no immediate hazards implications. It could end up with a M5 event, but a much bigger event is very unlikely,”

Quakes above M2.5 are being felt in the Hemet area and parts of Southwest Riverside County. But, there has been no damage even though the temblors are occurring at a shallow depth of about 1-mile.
Story Date: October 8, 2018
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