April 21, 2019
Owners of 10 most crime-ridden multi-family properties put on notice
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – The recent shooting of eight people over a dice game that went awry is focusing on an initiative to improve the quality and safety of rental housing throughout the city.

PAMA Management, which owns the complex on East Lynwood where the shootings occurred, has pledged to create a safe and crime-free environment for those who live in the complex and the surrounding neighborhood.

“We know this property is not the only apartment complex in the city that suffers from high crime,” City Manager Andrea Miller said.

Miller added that the City Council will adopt a new, strengthened Crime-Free Housing Ordinance that will hold property owners accountable for the actions of their tenants.

As to the safety improvements at the East Lynwood complex:
• 24-hour security is now in place at the complex
• Added security cameras are being installed throughout the property
• No congregating will be allowed in public areas within the complex if drinking or gambling is occurring
• All gates securing the property have been fixed

Police have not solved the Labor Day weekend shootings. Detectives are pouring over an ‘abundance’ of physical evidence, but have been stymied by a lack of witness information.
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