April 21, 2019
Drug dealer used Amtrak to distribute cocaine
LOS ANGELES (INT) - A federal judge has sentenced a Southern California man to 35 years in prison for overseeing an international drug-trafficking organization that used Amtrak trains to ship heroin and cocaine to Chicago from Los Angeles.

Edgar Roque, 32, of Paramount, was the leader of an extensive network of drug dealers that moved thousands of kilograms of narcotics aboard the trains from 2010 to 2016. At his direction, hundreds of packages were shipped from California to the Midwest and elsewhere, each carrying at least three kilograms of cocaine and sometimes significantly more.

Roque worked with an insider at Amtrak to facilitate the shipments and avoid detection by law enforcement.

Roque pleaded guilty earlier this year to drug and money laundering charges.
Story Date: September 17, 2018
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