May 20, 2019
Poll: How important is the mid-term election?
SAN FRANCISCO – (INT) - Less than five weeks before the election, California’s likely voters are most likely to name jobs and the economy (18%), immigration (12%), and housing (11%) as the most important issues facing the state.

Half (50%) tell the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) things in California are generally going in the right direction, and 55 percent say the state will have good times financially in the next year.

In the governor’s race, Democrat Gavin Newsom maintains a double-digit lead over Republican John Cox among likely voters, although the 24 point lead Newsom had in July (55% to 31%) has narrowed to 12 points today.

A slim majority of California’s likely voters oppose Proposition 6, the measure on the November ballot to repeal recently enacted increases in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. Proposition 10—which would expand the authority of local governments to enact rent control—is also trailing.

With control of Congress a much-discussed issue, half of California’s likely voters say this election is more important to them than past midterms. Democratic likely voters (64%) are much more likely than Republicans (48%) and independents (42%) to say this election is more important.

Asked about the election for the US House of Representatives, most California likely voters (54%) say they would vote for or lean toward the Democratic candidate.
Story Date: October 24, 2018
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