April 21, 2019
Blueprint could help avert acidification of world’s oceans
SANTA CRUZ – (INT) - The state’s first Ocean Acidification Action Plan has won approval. It comes from the California Ocean Protection Council which lays out concrete steps to protect ocean resources.

The blueprint will help prepare for ocean acidification, reduce its effects and boost the resilience of coastal industries and communities.

As global carbon emissions rise, seawater is becoming more corrosive due to the carbon dioxide (CO2) it absorbs. The acidification of the world’s oceans makes it difficult for zooplankton, oysters, crabs and other animals at the base of the food web to build and maintain their shells, which can have significant negative impacts on the health and productivity of California’s coastal and marine ecosystems and the communities and industries that depend on them.

Scientists expect the West Coast to experience some of the earliest and most severe changes, since the wind-driven upwelling that brings nutrient rich water to the surface and fuels the region’s productivity will also bring increasingly acidified waters to the surface.
Story Date: November 13, 2018
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