April 21, 2019
California voters decide eleven statewide propositions
SACRAMENTO - California voters had to make choices on many races Tuesday. On every ballot in the state were 11 propositions, including a repeal of the gas tax, ending daylight saving time and rent control on residential properties.

Six of the measures are headed toward approval.

Proposition 5: Property taxes
Summary: Removes certain transfer requirements for homeowners over 55, severely disabled homeowners, and contaminated or disaster-destroyed property.
How it stands: The measure looks like it is heading toward defeat

Proposition 6: Gas tax
Summary: Repeals a 2017 transportation law’s taxes and fees designated for road repairs and public transportation.
How it stands: The repeal likely won’t happen, as 55.3 percent are in favor of keeping the tax.

Proposition 7: Daylight Saving Time
Summary: Gives Legislature ability to change daylight saving time period by two-thirds vote, if changes are consistent with federal law.
How it stands: Changing the clock twice a year could become a thing of the past in California, as 61.7 percent of voters have voted yes.

8: Dialysis clinics
Summary: Requires rebates and penalties if charges exceed limit. Requires annual reporting to the state. Prohibits clinics from refusing to treat patients based on payment source.
How it stands: The measure is on its way to failure, with 61.8 percent voting no.

Note: There was no Proposition 9. The Three Californias plan that the California Supreme Court ruled in August to keep off the ballot.

10: Rent control
Summary: Repeals state law that currently restricts the scope of rent control policies that cities and other local jurisdictions may impose on residential property.
How it stands: Defeat seems certain, as 64.3 percent of voters are against it.

12: Farm animals
Summary: Establishes minimum requirements for confining certain farm animals. Prohibits sales of meat and egg products from animals confined in noncomplying manner.
How it stands: This proposition has 59.4 percent of voters in favor of it.
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