April 26, 2019
Ex-supervisor, assessor takes seat at greybar hotel
SAN BERNARDINO (INT) Disgraced former San Bernardino County supervisor Bill Postmus is beginning his first week behind bars.

Postmus has surrendered to begin a 3-year sentence for crimes he committed while supervisor and later as county assessor. He is likely to serve only 18 months.

Last month, Postmus tried unsuccessfully to get his March 2011 guilty plea to 15 felonies dismissed, arguing that he was coerced into signing the plea agreement and was unaware he could still receive prison time even if he fully cooperated in the criminal investigation in the marathon Colonies corruption trial. That trial spanned 7-months and ended with the acquittal of three defendants and dismissal of all charges against a fourth.

Postmus was sentenced for perjury and embezzlement by a public official. His attorney is appealing.
Story Date: December 9, 2018
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