April 26, 2019
George H.W. Bush funeral: Former president remembered for integrity, service
WASHINGTON - Former president George W. Bush said Wednesday that his father had “showed me what it means to be a president that serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country.”

His remarks came as mourners from across the nation gathered in Washington to pay their respects and celebrate the life of former president George H.W. Bush at a state funeral at Washington National Cathedral.

With President Trump and four living former U.S. presidents in attendance, Bush was remembered as “America’s last great soldier-statesman” by biographer Jon Meacham, one of four people delivering eulogies.

“On his watch, a wall fell in Berlin, a dictator’s aggression did not stand, and doors across America opened to those with disabilities,” said Jon Meacham, a Bush biographer, addressing the Bush family, President Trump and four living ex-presidents and a crowd of dignitaries and family friends.

The cathedral service was the capstone to three days of mourning in Washington for Mr. Bush, who died Friday night at the age of 94.

He lay in state at the Capitol from Monday through Wednesday morning, giving thousands a chance to pay respects. Among his visitors was Sen. Bob Dole, a fellow World War II veteran whose own frailty did not stop him from rising from his wheelchair to give the former president a salute.

The Washington segments of George H.W. Bush’s state funeral continued outside the National Cathedral Wednesday with a departure ceremony, one of the half-dozen formal events in the nation’s capital since Monday. With Bush’s family trailing behind, pall bearers carried Bush’s casket to the black hearse bearing the presidential seal as a military band played “Hail to the Chief.”

Under clearing skies, the door to the hearse was closed. Eight minutes later, the motorcade began its journey to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, for another ceremony prior to the flight to Ellington Field in Houston for ongoing events honoring the 41st president.
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