April 26, 2019
Health providers brace for flu season, vaccinations recommended
INLAND EMPIRE (INT) Flu season is upon us and the holiday season will enhance the spread of influenza. Health officials expect to see the greatest number of flu infections in February.

One person has already died in Riverside County. Last year, there were 23 flu-associated deaths in Riverside County among individuals 64 or younger.

The flu season of 2017-2018 was a particularly severe one. Of all the flu seasons on record, it had one of the highest death rates and per capita hospitalization rates. Officials estimate over eighty thousand Americans died.
More than 900,000 were hospitalized.

Health officials do not think this season will be as serious as last year. However, they still highly recommend vaccination for all those over six months.

Health officials are offering several types of flu vaccinations. The trivalent strain protects against three flu strains. The quadrivalent vaccine offers protection against an additional strain. Seniors can get a high dose vaccine that is designed for those with weaker immune systems.
Story Date: December 9, 2018
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