June 16, 2019
Recreation fees fend off park closure
JOSHUA TREE – (INT) – National Park Service (NPS) officials have been able to avert a temporary closure of Joshua Tree National Park. It had been previously scheduled for Thursday.

The NPS says it’s been able to immediately utilizing revenue generated by recreation fees.

All areas that have been recently closed will be accessible to park visitors including:

• All campgrounds
• Stirrup Tank Road
• Lost Horse Mine Road and Trail
• Key’s View Road
• Rattlesnake Canyon Picnic Area and Road

National Park Service officials have determined that by using Federal Land and Recreation Enhancement funds are able to immediately bring back park maintenance crews to address sanitation issues and to maintain some visitor services.

The park will also bring on additional staff to ensure the protection of park resources and mitigate some of the damage that has occurred during the lapse of appropriations.
Story Date: January 14, 2019
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