May 22, 2019
'Ballot harvesting' comes under question
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Secretary of State Alex Padilla is being accused of ‘pulling a Lucy’ after ordering that voting machines be replaced.

‘Lucy’ was the cartoon character who pulled away the football every time Charlie Brown tried to kick it.

In March 2000, the County of Riverside purchased 4,250 state-approved (certified) electronic voting machines for $15 million. In November 2003, the State ordered that those voting machines be replaced in 2006. The county complied and purchased 3,700 new state-approved voting machines for an additional $15 million. In 2007, the State once again changed its mind and decertified the new electronic machines, but allowed the county to use one machine (along with paper ballots) in each polling place until a new system was again approved by the State.

Riverside County Supervisors Chairman Kevin Jeffries pointed out that the county spent almost a million dollars trying to prop up the old system while local voting officials waited for the next generation of voting machines to be approved by the Secretary of State.
Jeffries hopes the State of State does not pull a ‘Lucy’ on us yet again.

On a related note, Corona Congressman Ken Calvert is asking 27 questions of the Riverside County Registrar of Voters about so-called ‘ballot harvesting’. Calvert claims there are issues about the process by which any person can collect a vote by mail ballot from an eligible voter and turn in the ballot to a polling place or a registrar of voter’s office.

Calvert says the process “is ripe for voter fraud”.

California law authorizes the practice.

A response from Riverside County Registrar of Voters Rebecca Spencer is at:

Story Date: March 19, 2019
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