May 22, 2019
Growing pains reflected in housing shortage, Newsom proposes solutions
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Governor Newsom is setting forth a legislative package that, he believes, will help resolve the state’s nagging housing shortage.

The centerpiece is a $1.75 billion package which includes tax credits and loans to spur low, mixed and middle-income housing production through separate legislative and budget proposals.

The new proposal sets higher short-term goals for housing that cities and counties must meet. It would modernize the state’s long-term housing goals, known as Regional Housing Needs Allocations (RHNA), to better reflect regional housing and transportation needs.

“Our state’s affordability crisis is undermining the California Dream and the foundations of our economic well-being,” said Governor Newsom. “Families should be able to live near where they work. They shouldn’t live in constant fear of eviction or spend their whole paycheck to keep a roof overhead. That’s increasingly the case throughout California.”

In the Inland Empire, building permits for single-family homes continue to decline. But there are signs of increasing apartment construction.

Governor’s proposal to meet housing cost crisis:

Accelerate and incentivize housing goals
Jump-start housing production
Implement steps toward long-term housing reform
Expand middle class housing opportunities

Story Date: March 15, 2019
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