May 22, 2019
Bill expands OHV area in San Bernardino County desert
JOSHUA TREE (INT) Off-road vehicle enthusiasts are celebrating over the signing of a bill that permanently opens thousands of acres of desert mostly in San Bernardino County.

President Trump signed the bill Tuesday by Congressman Paul Cook which creates the first national system of Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation areas and designates or expands six Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation Areas. They include Johnson Valley, Spangler Hills, El Mirage, Rasor, Dumont Dunes, and Stoddard Valley. The legislation creates additional protections for OHV users and ensures that these areas cannot be closed by a future administration.

The established or expanded OHV areas would total approximately 200,580 acres. Combined with the nearly 100,000 acres that make up the existing Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area, this bill will ensure that over 300,000 acres are open permanently for OHV use in the California Desert.

The California Desert Protection and Recreation Act adds approximately 39,000 acres of land to the National Park System, including significant acreage at both Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley National Park. For Joshua Tree, it adds approximately 4,500 acres of land to the north of Joshua Tree National Park. Death Valley National Park will expand by approximately 35,000 acres.
It also creates permanent wilderness areas on 375,500 acres of federal land in the California Desert.
Story Date: March 16, 2019
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