June 16, 2019
Governor outlines statewide homelessness strategy
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) - Gavin Newsom paid his first visit to San Bernardino as Governor Tuesday and praised the Inland Empire’s regional approach and collaboration to address homelessness, citing it as a model for the state at large.

In a meeting with advocates, the formerly-homeless Californians and local officials, Newsom previewed new provisions of his statewide homelessness agenda. He announced his homelessness task force will focus on regional homelessness planning and solutions. Led by one county leader and one city leader, the homelessness taskforce would work to get cities and counties to plan and work together in order to have the greatest possible impact in their communities. Newsom said more members will be announced in the coming days.

The Governor also previewed policy changes to his homelessness proposals that will be included in his May budget revisions.

Newsom’s ‘homelessness’ roundtable was held at the Arrowhead McKee Family Health Center on East Highland Avenue.
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