June 2, 2020
Clean-up slow 6-months after catastrophic fires
PARADISE – (INT) - Dryer weather is enabling crews to accelerate the cleanup of homes and businesses destroyed by the Camp, Woolsey, and Hill fires.

Almost 200 crews are removing wildfire ash, debris, concrete, metal, and contaminated soil from properties in Butte, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties. Homeowners are participating in the state-managed debris removal program.

• In Butte County, 141 crews clear an average of 100 properties per day.
• In Los Angeles and Ventura counties, 44 crews clear an average of 28 properties every three days.

“The debris removal crews, along with local, state, and federal partner teams, are working six days a week to help restore these neighborhoods”, CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline said. “We are putting these communities in a position to rebuild.”

Wednesday marked six months since the Camp Fire, the Woolsey Fire and the Hill Fire broke out in Butte, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties. The unprecedented series of disasters included the single most destructive and deadliest wildfire in California history.
Story Date: May 15, 2019
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