May 30, 2020
Auto loan scheme turns to homicide
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – A no-parole prison term is awaiting a Riverside man for a homicide stemming from a bogus auto loan scheme.

Dante Danil Carter, 37, stands convicted of the 2016 gunshot murder of Eric Burniston and 28 other charges.

Carter operated a $600,000 auto loan scheme in which he used the identities of young people he met through the local car scene to apply for auto loans from credit unions. Rather than purchasing a car, he would instead deposit the checks into accounts that appeared to belong to auto dealerships, but actually were controlled by him.

Burniston, 21, of Long Beach, was one of the individuals who had his identity used by Carter.

Carter lured Burniston in the middle of the night to a remote unincorporated area south of the Dos Lagos shopping center in Corona with the promise of paying him back the money that Carter owed him.

Prosecutors used forensic cell phone evidence to trace Carter’s wherabouts and gain his conviction.
Story Date: May 20, 2019
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