July 12, 2020
Theory: Nevada death attributed to Ridgecrest quakes
PAHRUMP, NEVADA – (INT) – Nye County, Nevada authorities say a man’s death beneath a vehicle he was working on might be attributed to the Ridgecrest earthquakes.

The 56-year-old man was found dead Tuesday on an isolated dirt road near Pahrump 5-days after he was last seen alive.

In a video posted by the Nye County Sheriff’s Department, Sergeant Adam Tippetts said the victim was underneath a rundown Jeep that had been held up by a bumper jack and cinder blocks. The right, front tire had been removed.

It’s theorized the vehicle may have shifted off the supports during one of the two earthquakes which occurred about 100 miles away after the victim was last seen at a gas station on July 3rd.

If the theory holds up, it would be the first death attributed to Southern California's biggest earthquakes in 20 years.
Story Date: July 16, 2019
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