January 29, 2020
5-year Water Plan responds to new climate reality
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – A 5-year update to the California Water Plan has been published.

“We are now living in a new climate reality and we know we must respond,” said State Department of Water Resources Director Karla Nemeth. “Our goals are clear — to face our critical, institutional, and systemic challenges head-on and build a more sustainable future.”

The update recommends 19 priority actions to improve integrated watershed management; strengthen infrastructure resiliency; restore ecosystem functions; empower under-represented communities; improve inter-agency alignment; address regulatory challenges; and support decision-making, adaptive management, and long-term planning.

Since the previous Water Plan Update in 2013, California has experienced devastating drought, widespread flooding, sea level rise, and historic wildfires.
Story Date: July 25, 2019
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